The story behind Grace // our Strawberry Bergamot Lip Balm

Grace lip balm on table


Hi there, I want you to meet someone very special to me her name is GRACE. Ok, ok I know it’s a lip balm and your thinking Jillian you have officially lost it. However, GRACE goes with me everywhere (circa 2012) and we have become quite close.

She has been with me when I am crazy on fire with a new song, she has gone with me on countless tours in the USA and to Europe, and she has been snuggled in my purse for days on end.

GRACE has even been with me though the not so happy times. Like the time when I lost my favorite hat, got the phone call that my Uncle Len died in a fluke accident, and GRACE was even there when I nearly had a panic attack because I thought my beloved pup “Wilco” had run away.

Needless, to say GRACE has been there every step of the way on my journey in life and my lips can not thank her enough. Now for the first time ever GRACE is being sold on ETSY.COM.


I figured I have had so many wonderful and even not so wonderful times but you know what GRACE stuck by my side, in my pocket, or in my purse and with her little portable lip moisturizing self by my side I am always ready and willing to take on the world. You know what sometimes all we need is a little GRACE.

Shine ON //



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