What is The Unity Collective USA

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  • The Unity Collective USA is a movement for Unity, created by the Brooklyn, New York band, The Bergamot. We are inviting our fans and fellow Americans to sign our Volvo (with 263,000 miles on it) with a unifying message of hope.
  • Thus, our car becomes a symbol of peace and a collective art piece.
  • Culminating in a documentary of uplifting music + unifying signatures + amazing stories.
  • With your help we are raising $15,000.00  by December 17th, 2015 to make this documentary come to life. However, we need your help to do this.
  • Please help today by becoming a backer and joining the movement at our Kickstarter page www.theunitycollectiveusa.com, please join us and be the experience.


The Story:

After rigorously touring for over five months we finally arrived home to our tiny beautiful Brooklyn apartment. On tour we had countless hours of travel time, with plenty of time to talk about how we could make a grater impact on the world at large.

Out of our desire to be the change in the world and truly help others a dream was born, The Unity Collective USAThe Unity Collective USA is a movement we (The Bergamot) started in hopes to be a beckon of light amidst a world that is ridden with growing fears.

Essentially, Nathaniel and I are setting out January 1st, 2016 with our voices, and guitar in hand to tour across the contiguous 50 states of America, garnering uplifting signatures onto our (2002 Volvo w/ 263,000 miles), while documenting the whole journey producing one uplifting documentary.




Sign the Car USA. The Bergamot has set out to create a collective art piece with our fans, culminating in a documentary of uplifting music,  unifying signatures, and amazing stories.

We are inviting you to join our movement and become a backer now because at the end of the day it’s all about what you’re doing with the time you have.


Please head over to www.theunitycollectiveusa.com to pledge + show your support for this project. We would love you to ink up our car too, so if you want to host a show at your home let us know here.

We have until December 17th, 2015 to raise 15K, its an all or nothing platform. Join us now, and grab The Unity Collective T-shirt we promise they are going to be super soft + way rad.

Love to you always + Shine ON,



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