Find Balance + Love For The Right Reasons


My cousin posted this today on her facebook wall. Lately she has been sharing so many inspiring messages that I get giddy with excitement to see what she is up to.

In general I try to keep my social media at a distance but in one’s life there is an ebb and flow to it all.


Needless to say, it is late at night. I am tired. My hands are tired from typing on my computer all day long, yet I am blessed because I hold hope for a brighter tomorrow.

If it is true that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you handle it then yoga + mediation will be the pillars to help me handle the 10% with more ease. Because recently, life has gotten a little crazy.


Ok, a lot crazy! With juggling, tour dates in different countries, meetings, emails, finding time to eat in New York City(where everything is go, go, go), with a huge launch of The Unity Collective USA peace movement, and on top of it all juggling family around the holidays.

Phew, yes lots of good, good, things happening, and yet right in this moment I feel both blessed and like there is a void, perhaps that void is not having enough quiet time for solidarity.


Or maybe its missing out on fun girls nights, or cuddle time with furry friends like Wilco my favorite rescue pup in the whole wide world.

The holiday season can be damn right overwhelming, which brings me back to the beautiful quote at the top of the page “Find Balance…”

Sometimes, when I find yourself alone at 12:58AM sitting staring eyes glazed over into your computer screen, at my teeny tiny black Ikea kitchen, in my teeny tiny NYC apartment all I desire is to be nourished.

This time not by food (since its so late) but rather by uplifting words. This is how I found that beautiful quote tonight.


Because for every step I take in the right direction, I begin forgoing all the other paths.

It can be hard at times looking back at all the countless steps that could have diverged me from the path I am on and knowing that though I may falter I must keep going forward. Holding the faith, hope, and love and letting go of the rest.

In the quiet moments of life as I press forward. When my feet press firmly against the new stones that I just stepped upon. I know in my soul that I are gaining traction towards  my higher self and dreams.

Shine ON dear one, find balance, + go forth and love for all the right reasons.






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