Hiding behind the busy-ness?

Charlottesville, VA TFHouse

taken by Stephen Stonestreet at our house concert in Charlottesville, Virginia

With Instagram, Facebook, tweets and so many other distractions it seems that there is little time for solitude and reflection.

My life is just blasted with busy-ness from the constant grind of business to working on new projects, cooking, touring, packing, unpacking, this phone call or that meeting, I mean do you feel me here people?

One day I am catching a flight from Miami to Madrid, the next a flight from Nice, France to Paris, then back to the States. Phew, it can be exhausting at times and I even just caught a cold eeekk.


this was taken by our friend Joel Cochran at our show in South Bend on October 16th, 2015 at the Birdsell Mansion.

Don’t get me wrong here I adore my life for I have had the pleasure of co-creating it with the God the Divine Boss, or as I have said the Omnipotent Love Bomb!

Sure it has its challenges but I am far stronger having them, (being able to get back up and dust myself off) then if I was to live a life of a hermit.

On the flip side, I relish in the sweet moments like…

  • stepping on stage to perform to bring joy to our fans, taking in the autumn air on a long walk, indulging in 2 o’clock tea time with family, working out, snuggling with my husband under the warmth of our down blanket in the morning hours, laughing with friends, writing a new song, and I just I love making banana bread while filling our kitchen with its warmth then eating it up out of the oven. yum!
  • These simple moments are the ones I just adore and cherish the most.

taken by even perigo on our wedding day at Notre Dame University. I just visited here a few days ago when we came back home for the funeral.

Just yesterday we took a trip from New York back to our hometown to say goodbye to my husbands Grandpa “Charlie Webber”.


evan perigo shot this at our wedding of my husband and Grandma and Grandpa

He had passed away a week ago peacefully in his sleep. Actually, he died 6 months after his beloved wife Grandma Joan and just a few days before there 65th anniversary! True love is real, and yes it is worth waiting for.


all of us together at our wedding in 2013 (photo taken by evan perigo)

Clearly Grandpa did not want to miss out on celebrating it with his bride in heaven so there he went. All of us bid him farewell yesterday at a beautiful memorial Mass in which we performed our original song “Young Again” in his honor. ( we still have to record it, but I promise we will do it soon)

Singing “Young Again” in church was a raw and difficult thing for me to do with my husband Nathaniel because it was such an emotional day and all of our family was sobbing just feet away from us.


together in paris with our friend bradley leach who took this photo.

In these very real authentic moments I often think about how blessed I am to be able to share in the experience of life through music.

Music is just so incredible it offers us a way to share a feeling and articulate that emotion via music to others and thus allow them to feel and share in that very real emotion too.

Its a small miracle if you think about it. Below, I have added a great video about busy-ness and life. Peeling back the layers and discovering your voice and going after your passion.


taking in Paris by Bradley Leach September 2015

These are the things I wish for everyone, those are the things I wish for you.

As I continue discovering my voice through the busy-ness of life I often return to the solitude to reflect upon where I have been, who I have loved, and where I am going.

In the solitude I find myself and my true voice. I invite you to enjoy thirty minutes of solitude today and reflect on where you have been and where you would like to go.

For life is to short to not do what you love, with the ones you love most. I hope you enjoy this video and a little bit of solitude.

Shine ON /// Jillian


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