A Shooting Star in New York City?


Saturday night while walking with friends downtown Manhattan my friend Evan asked, “so Jillian, you travel a lot what would you say your most favorite cities are?”

I paused, and said ummm tough question. Initially I wanted to say New York City but I knew that was not the exact question so I said, ” Cannes, France, Santa Cruz, CA, Seattle, WA, and defiantly the Bay area on a whole. As I was about to conclude, I said well obviously I am in Love with New York City which is why I choose to live here.

new york city at night

Right after my lips stopped moving after saying I loved New York City I saw a shooting star!

Mind you we are downtown Manhattan headed to Abraço one of our favorite coffee spots in the village and BOOM, a shooting star soars through the clear evening sky.


My mind was officially BLOWN.

For some odd reason I only thought shooting stars only existed amidst the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan or while sitting on boulders watching the stars in Colorado.

Yet, there it was soaring through the sky as I walked amidst skyscrapers headed into the Village.

In these unraveling moments a miracle happens and your heart believes a bit more. Your senses awaken to the endless possibilities that this beautiful world has to offer.


Two other notable things that occurred recently. Yesterday my husband and I hung out with Matt + Kim (Sunday December 5th at Toby’s Estate). They have been two of our music heros for years. It was pretty miraculous.

Secondly, Tuesday the 24th of November as we were paying our toll entering into Granger, Indiana for Thanksgiving we saw a shooting star together.


Miracles happen everyday, to see them we must first believe and hold fast to the miracle mindset. ❤

Shine ON & Merry Christmas… ( Happy Hanukkah too)




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