A long awaited update and news of a new album

Since moving to Brooklyn, New York in 2014 I have learned a tremendous amount about  who I am and what I am made of.  I have learned how to make a life touring out on the road while tending to love and searching for happiness in the arts.


Photographer: A Wild Escape

It has not always been what I imagined it to be, actually it has not been anything what I imagined it to be. Yet, amidst the changes New York has taught me to stay present, push hard and to never give up even when I feel that I can not go any further. In all candidness this has been the case more than a few times as a life in the arts is one of the most difficult pursuits I have ever journeyed.


Photographer: Marc England II

Yet, I have been blessed to grow up in the free world and to choose to live a life in the arts. The rough translation of that last sentence is that I choose to live or dye by the sword of the arts.

With the rapid changes in the Music Industry  moving more towards a “streaming numbers based economy” I have been feeling the pressure more and more.

Some days, I am on top of the world with how things are flowing and other days I feel as though I want to throw it all in.

Then I step on stage and I remember my “why”, for the stage is the great equalizer.


Photographer: Marc England II

Music is meant to be shared, heard and felt in ones heart because music connects us in ways that nothing else on this planet can. It is universal and holds us together in the same way blood does.


Photographer: Lauren Stonestreet

Through songwriting, performing and living out on the road I have learned that I love music now more than ever. I am more vulnerable and honest because of music and I hope to continue to grow into a better songwriter and performer in spite of myself getting in the way.

With all of that said, I am proud to announce that our (The Bergamot’s) new album Mayflies is out now! 

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 4.10.10 PM

This album was written by Nathaniel Hoff, recorded in London with Matt Wiggins and his team. Recording this album was once of the most incredible life experiences I have ever been apart of.

Since releasing Mayflies we have received many beautiful notes and letters from our fans and it has been the most highly-critically acclaimed album that we have ever released.

Now we are so excited to share with you our new album ‘MAYFLIES

Over the last few years we’ve been touring all over world performing new songs, meeting kindhearted humans and remembering to hold empathy for each other in hopes of fostering unity in our divided world .

It hasn’t always been an easy journey but low’s remind us of the sweetness of the highs .

The songs on this album were written by Nathaniel while we were out on the Unity Collective 50 state tour (2016) and they were recorded/produced in closets, on kitchen tables, and in beautiful chic London studios with our incredible producer Matt Wiggins @wiggy321 (a MASSIVE thank you to Matt for believing in this project- we owe you more than you’ll ever know your a musical beast and inspiration) .

The album is heavily influenced by being open to letting go and not being afraid of the unknown. Mayflies is an exploration of the edges uncovering the dark-side of our culture while choosing to focus on the light .

As we explored new sonic landscapes in London we developed a brand new sound . .
We want our listeners to feel the unity between our voices, the vulnerability within our souls, and the fragility of the present moment .

As the Mayfly teaches us when you only have 24 hours to live it’s not about how long you have here on earth rather it’s about what you do with your time that counts. Listen to and share this new album if you feel compelled.

Thank you to everyone that contributed including every single one of our fans who crowd funded this album. We love you! Full credits below 🙏🏼. Lyrics and music by Nathaniel Paul Hoff
Produced and engineered by Matt Wiggins
(with the exception of P.D.R. and  L.A. produced by Nathaniel Paul Hoff)
Mixed by Matt Wiggins
Recorded at No. 1 Baltic Place, London
Studio Assistant – Jack Chown
Mastered by Randy Merrill of Sterling Sound
Nathaniel Hoff: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Jillian Speece: Vocals
Ollie Hopkins – Bass
Bo Morgan – Drums
Orlando Leopard – Synth
Art Design – Brad Wolf @bradmwolf


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