5 Tips on Becoming Truely Free

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Lets get one thing straight, no one likes being told what to do. Can you remember a time in your life when you felt pressure to do something you did not want to do just because someone told you to do it. Deep in your soul you felt like this person was chipping away at your free-will. Well I have been there, and now that I think about it on some level we all have.

In my life I cringe when people tell me things like, “you need to get a real job” or “you should cut all your hair off, no you should grow it long”, or you should do this or you should do that. Uhh, I am living my own life and have free will to do as I choose. This is independence, this is the beginning of freedom.

At one point during my later adolescence years I kept hearing “You Should”, so many times that I literally spent a whole year erasing those words from my personal vocabulary.

I did this so I would never bring someone else to a space to feel as if I was infringing upon there free will.

Needless to say, the idea of freedom is something that comes from the soul .

“The soul is space, immensity, freedom to expand, reach out, embrace the infinite.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

The student should constantly look within herself and see what habits and creations are there that need to be plucked out and disposed of. For only by refusing to any longer allow habits of judging, condemning, and criticizing to exist can she be free.

The true activity of the student is only to perfect her own world and she can not do it as long as she sees imperfection in the world of any of God’s children.

– Dr Wayne Dyer

To Become Free of The False Self we must Seek to Understand The Ego. 

According to Dr. Wayne Dyer, the false self is the Ego. The Ego is the part of us that has come to believe that, who I am is defined by six things;

  1. Who I am is, what I have. ( we spend a hunk of our life obtaining as much as we can.) Do yourself a favor give away everything you own, let go of all of it of everything you had.
  2. Who I am is, what I accomplish ( we spend a hunk of our life focused on what I accomplish, how many promotions I have had, what you own, what cloths you wear, labels you have)
  3. Who I am is, what other people think of me (we spend a hunk of our life focused on I am my reputation, peer reviews, getting the approval of others, pleasing other people.) What you think of me is none of your business
  4. Who I am is separate from everyone else (We are raised in competition with everyone else, we have to be number one, defeat everyone else I have to be better than someone else to be fulfilled in life)
  5. Who I am is separate not only from everyone else and from what is missing in my life, I am separate from God. The tao teaches us that there is no place that God is not, then if there is no place God is not, God must be in me, God must be in all things. Thus, I must re-join myself to God, I must re-yoga/unite myself with God.

We must stop evaluating ourselves, who we are on the bases of these False Ego Identifiers. And rather begin to see ourselves as divine love, as pieces of God.

“You are not here to accomplish anything, you are not here to be better than anyone else, your not here to win, you are here to truly love yourself. All you have to do is love yourself. Just spend 15 minutes a day being in a state of appreciate for the I am presence that you are.” – Dr Wayne Dyer

This divine love starts with divine self acceptance.

” Look at yourself and say I accept me for me and what I am now with all of my imperfect imperfections. ” 

Step two, once we accept ourselves we must accept those around us and state,

“I accept you for what you are.” 

If you have found yourself in a difficult relationship that is consuming you with negative emotions it may be good to walk yourself down this path,

I am sent here after a series of impossible coincidences, I sit here filled with anger, rage, and bitterness towards how you have treated me, blank and blank.


{insert persons name here}, from this moment on I send you love, who am I to judge you and condemn you, you did what you knew how to do, given the conditions of your life and I accept you for it.

“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”

Peacefully release the anger out of you. 

In order to attract the elements that will bring you the ability to manifest into your life what you want.

Remember we do not manifest what we want that coming from a place of lack/missing, we manifest what we are!

The angels who will guide you throughout your life will only be there for you when they recognize themselves in you.

They can not recognize themselves in you and guide you when you are filled with hatred, anger, judgement, condemnation, bitterness, fear, anxiety, stress.

Let all of that go and be love.

Shine ON,





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