Candace and I on my wedding day this past August.

It was Rachel & Thomas’s wedding day, I was so excited to be apart of it. A few months back on a bike ride in the park Rachel asked me if I would sing at her wedding, I said heck YEAH I would love to! Fast forward like three months to her wedding day. Nathaniel and I had just finished singing a collection of Beatles songs at their wedding ceremony.

By this point we both found ourselves starving you know the in-between period, it was one of those moments where you are kicking yourself for not eating a sandwich or apple with peanut butter when you had the chance. Which brings me to the whole this is what happens when your starving part of the story.

There she was in all of her glory dazzling in soft flowery dress walking up to us with a smile on her face and a Ziplock bag saying Hi I’am Candace, I really enjoyed the songs you sang today.

I was really thinking this girl is way sweet and I had this feeling like we were going to be friends. After we introduced ourselves and thanked her for the delightful compliment I asked her what was in her Ziplock bag.

“These are my granola bars I made them for the bridesmaids and Rachel so we weren’t starving as we were getting ready, would you like one? oh I have more in the back too” Seriously, I think at that point the enthusiastic yes that jumped out of our mouths was perhaps a little overwhelming to say the least she happily gave us bars and ran and got more.

This was the beginning to a beautiful lifelong friendship, and now these granola bars have been renamed by yours truly as “Candace’s Friendship Bars”. They are delectably good and you can pack and go where ever you are, not to mention they are a fraction of the cost of the convenient granola sticks they sell in the grocery stores.

Enjoy this from my heart to yours and back around again I hope you will make new friends by sharing these bars too.Candace if your reading this, I adore you dear friend thanks for your warmth and kindness you hold a special place in my heart always. xx Shine ON


2 c. oatmeal (I prefer old-fashioned, but instant works too)
½ c. whole-wheat flour *
½ c. white flour (I prefer unbleached white whole wheat flour)
½ c. wheat germ
¾ c. Brown Sugar
½ c. oil
½ c. honey
1 egg
¾ tsp. salt and cinnamon
1 tsp. Vanilla
¼ c. (or estimate with a spoon) peanut butter **
½ – 1 c of special ingredients (m&m’s, chocolate chips, raisins, craisins, dried fruit, flax seeds
(ground) nuts and/or seeds of your choice, etc)

Grease 7×11” pan or 9×13” set aside.

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Add in ½ – 1 c. of special ingredients (m&m’s, chocolate chips,
raisins, craisins, dried fruit, nuts and/or seeds of your choice, etc). My family also likes to add ½
c. Peanut butter for flavor and protein. Mix in until combined.

Bake at 350 F.
For 7×11” pan bake for 32 minutes. Cut immediately then cool.
For 9×13” pan bake for 25 minutes. Cut immediately then cool.

Enjoy! 

*For Gluten-Free substitute GF Oatmeal, and a combo of GF flour such as almond, garbanzo
bean, or Gluten-Free All-Purpose Baking Mix (Bob’s Red Mill).
** I find that peanut butter gives it a nice gooey texture with nice flavor


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