I originally got an email from a friend and it went like this:

Hey Jillian,

Your looking pretty lean these days. Just curious to know what your daily intake (eating, vitamins) looks like and your workout routines. Looking good, sista!


I was so flattered by my friends request that I created the following email response back, I believe it can help anyone feel great and look fantastic.

“Gosh, I am flattered Michele. Well what I have done is written for you below what my general lifestyle is enjoy!”

Shine ON



1. I thrive and jive off an all whole foods – plant based diet. Your plate must be busting with vibrant colors like green, red, yellows, orange, and purple tones. When you look at your dish or snack always ask yourself how many colors can I eat in one serving and the colors will lead you home.

Abundantly eat vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes, walnuts, almonds, whole homemade 7 grain breads, and green juice drinks out of our Hurom Slow Masticating Juicer and finally I love our blended drinks that come forth from my Vitamix. And of course I eat treats that are homemade and some that are not as long as they are high quality and in small quantities ( ext. we make vegan 4 ingredient chocolate truffles in coco powder, banana chocolate frozen vegan balls, cookies, brownies, cakes all of the above and I will consume a treat say every three days or a small piece of dark 60-70% chocolate once every other day.

I do not consume meats, ( except upon occasion I will eat a small piece of fish… say once every 3-4 mo.), dairy products are a rarityI still enjoy a good slice of NYC Neapolitan zzzaahh, and I do not consume any ingredient that I can not pronounce on a label.

2. WATER!! I consume half my body weight in water per day so if I weight about 135 Lbs I will strive to drink any where from 67.5 – 72 oz of water a day. Sometimes I am under some days I am over. I just try to listen to my body.

3. I am an ingredients SNOB. I have had no choice but to become a total ingredients snob due to the food turmoil that is taking place in America. You will almost never see me at fast food chains even on tour ( unless it is subway then we eat them out of house and home on their spinach salad haha) I have become a expert at deciding wether a food good is worthy to be consumed or not based on the label. Like I said earlier we do not consume anything that has long words on it or has more than 5- 9 ingredients on average. Actually, you can make it easy on your self and only shop on the perimeter of the grocery store. The junk food is located in the middle and on the end aisles.

4. Shake the Booty. This is way important find a activity like Zumba, Yoga, or a work out buddy that can actually keep you on track and do it. I  have a 3 way approach to this part.


My husband Nathaniel is the freaking most bad ass motivator ever. So I go to workouts with him 4 times a week and he created a structured schedule for us to follow. It looks like this.

First we go do 25 – 30 min. on the bicycle, after we do 5 min. on the stair stepper,  then 15 minutes of abs starting with a set of bicycles (50), into the crunches (50),  then (50) leg crosses, (10 wide leg), (10) leg crosses, then (10) V crunches.

Once you finish that first ab set you do the whole progression again. After abs we go over to do pull ups three different ways wide arm, narrow arm, and underarm pull ups (4 reps each way) two times.

Then over to a lot of arm reps (with ten pound weights), then pull ups on the bar and back and forth.


Yoga 30 min. two days a week.


Dancing is key, I gotta get my groove on one way or another so I get it in however I can. When I am on stage performing with a full 6 piece band I dance a shit ton and I love it. Give it a try bump up your favorite music and dance.

5. Here is my hero Kris Carr do what she does and you will feel great.


Sending you love, booty hustling techniques, and mean green drinks!

PS I love hearing from you so feel free to hit me up with any more questions or I would be happy to clarify anything I mentioned to help you benefit from the above techniques.



    • SHINE ON INC. says:

      Nino I deeply appreciate you taking the time to enjoy what this blog post has to offer you hope that you will take a few things from this article! Shine ON and be sure to sign up more more good times from Shine ON Inc. xx j

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