Serious NYC Treats by The Bergamot

Did, I mention that I have a bit of a sweet tooth? Here is a short list of a few of our favorite go to dessert stops in the city. You will see a lot of places that are located in Brooklyn, hence this is because we live right around the corner from many of these stops. I hope you find some fun in these places as we have through the years.
Ovenly :: Greenpoint
31 Greenpoint Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11222
(888) 899-2213

Ovenly is right down the street from where we live. They have the best and most creative treats. I always get the “Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie” or the Peanut-Butter Cookie – it’s a toss up depending on the day.

One time they donated a bunch of treats to our church so that we were able to help spread good cheer throughout the neighborhood. These folks are top notch all around.
This video takes you into the shop!
If your feeling up to it enjoy this video if you would like to make the chocolate chip vegan cookies in your own home.  >>>—->
Molly’s Cupcakes :: Manhattan 
228 Bleecker St,
New York, NY 10014
(212) 414-2253
I first found Molly’s cupcake shop in Chicago on our first tour in 2010, needless to say even though the cupcake fad is over this place still won my heart. The owner’s name is John, I met him a couple of times and this last time he gave me free lemonade and we talked for 20 minutes while swinging on the swings that sit near the cupcake bar.
They herald, the Best Boston Cream Cupcake in the world plus making your own is not to shabby either I always eat chocolate with there vanilla cream frosting and sprinkles galore.
chocolate sorbet
Fresco Gelateria :: Manhattan 
138 2nd Ave,
New York, NY 10003
(212) 677-6320
Yes, it is true I am in love with Fresco Gelateria and yes I go here once every two weeks when I am in town.
It’s probably a good thing that we are on the road as much as we are or I would be pretty hefty eating this all the time. Anyways, this gelato is made from scratch daily with the highest quality ingredients. You can taste the love.
It is owned by a brother + sister duo who moved here from Greece and they have won the award ( in my humble opinion) of the best gelato in America. It is literally so good . I pair the chocolate sorbet with the peanut-butter gelato.
When you stop in be sure to say hi to  Anna she is lovely and her and her brother own it this little hole in the wall shop.
Fortunato Brothers Cafe:: Williamsburg 
289 Manhattan Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 387-2281
This is a mafia style old school Italian Cafe. It is where we get our Jordan Almonds from and is a walk from our flat. I recommend getting the Pignoli Cookies.
Levain Bakery :: Manhattan 
167 W 74th St,
New York, NY 10023
(212) 874-6080
Mind blowing goodness.  The Levain chocolate chip cookie “magically retains its gooeyness straight off the shelf” and offers big buttery flavor.
All, I can muster up is… yeah its that good.  Try it for yourself and if you really want to go the extra step make them in y our home here is the not so secret- secret recipe. Shhhhh, you did not hear this from me.
Marie Belle Chocolate Greenpoint
Marie Belle New York Chocolates :: Greenpoint 
67 Guernsey Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11222
It is located in the bustling neighborhood of Greenpoint in Brooklyn, New York. Once again this is our neighborhood and is the place of fabulous chocolates.
It smells like heaven inside here too. Plus, other than tasting + buying the dark chocolates I love sharing the 4oz dark sipping chocolate with my husband. Its so romantic in the market as well, there is a cozy back room you can sit and read in our just talk about your day.
Mast Brothers
Mast Brothers Chocolate Makers :: Williamsburg 
111 N 3rd St,
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 388-2625
This chocolate changed they way I eat chocolate, you might say this chocolate ruined me for now I am a bit of a chocolate “snob”. Or rather I would like to think that Mast Brothers simply enlightened me to how minimal and wonderful chocolate can and truly was made to be.
Mast Brothers chocolate is sophisticated and full bodied with flavor hues ranging from smoke, tobacco, salt, caramel, blueberry, apricot, and toffee notes.
The real kicker is that in each chocolate bar there are typically no more than 4-5 ingredients, if not less than that. I really love the “Brooklyn Blend” but I am also a huge fan of the “Sea Salt” chocolate bar. These make great gifts.
Charlotte Patisserie Duett
Charlotte Patisserie :: Greenpoint 
596 Manhattan Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11222
(718) 383-8313
Over the winter I became obsessed with the Duet Cake at Charlotte Patisserie. Here we have white chocolate and milk chocolate, dipped over a dark chocolate mousse cake. Or if your feeling adventurous try our other favorite the Passion Fruit Doughnut with a Vanilla Custard Filling. Watch out these sell out fast.
Custard Filled Passion Fruit Cronut
Well, folks if your not in a sugar coma from reading this then there might be something wrong with you. Besides, every one has to have a little sugar fun here and there. I hope you enjoyed reading about The Bergamot’s top “NYC Serious Treats”.  Come visit these amazing gem’s and until, next time.
Shine ON from NYC ///

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