Positive, Honest, Deep Content

Today, I was enjoying a little “soul pancake’, wait, wait, what… have you seen this yet? Ok, ok, I forgive you, well just in case you have not heard of soul pancake here it is.

This video right here my friends is positive, honest, and deep content and I live to create positive, honest, and deep content.


My handsome husband Nathaniel and I (The Bergamot ) labored for over 2,000+ hours on creating out new record TONES ( drop date 9.15.15) – making it the best we could by writing the best songs we could and by working with the best team in the world.


From writing in our home in Brooklyn, NY to recording and mixing in the Hudson Valley, Nashville, Hayesville, Hartford, Atlanta, South Bend, and the final mixing and mastering completed in Manhattan – it has been a wild and crazy ride. All of this to make the best album we have ever made.


I just wanted to send you this reminder, that you too have what it takes inside of you to create positive, honest, and deep content that matters because,”there is something irresistible about someone acting from their honest, authentic core. If that’s not where we’re creating from, then why are we creating at all?” (soulpancake)


Go create something great today.

Shine ON,


giving the world a reason to dance, one song at a time.


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