Get offline and free your mind

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A day spent indulging in the simplicity of life reminds me of how important it is to unplug.

Today I went on a long walk through Brooklyn with my husband, we met up with friends at church and laughed over a perfectly baked blueberry muffin from a local bakery called The Blue Oven.

Then we made a new friend a the local polish shop up the street. Then we sat on a bench and ate hot polish noodles and cabbage until our hearts were content.

We did not have the phone on, we kept it in plane mode, we gave ourselves permission to not need it, and it was kinda magical.


There is true freedom in being free to be present. Today were all so inter-connected and instantaneous about everything that sometimes you just need to turn it off, put it away, and unplug.

The trill of life is to live. To take in the beauty of the real world and just sit for a while holding hands and dreaming. Talking, smiling, and sharing a perfectly baked blueberry muffin freshly pulled from the oven with a little butter to boot.

Yes, those truly are my very favorite moments in this life. For to love and be loved in return is, was, and always will be what life is all about.

So go out there and unplug, see what you will find today.

Shine ON // Jillian

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