Surround yourself with people who reflect who you want to be


“Your vibe attracts your tribe. Your tribe imprints a vibe on you. Life is very short. Choose wisely. Be fearlessly you and dare to let go of the people who dim your shine. Develop new and old relationships with people based on mutual support and empowerment. Give all of your authentic self.

As an entrepreneur, teacher, creative, and forever student of life, I make a conscious effort each and everyday to put myself around those who are pushing their own self perceived limits. The people who raise the bar on themselves daily, share their gifts openly, and empower me to be more of myself.

People who are loving and living their passion and purpose ignite the same within you. So, keep your own vibes high and prioritize time with those who reflect the same. Plan adventures, gatherings, work and play time with them often. Rub off on each other. Fan each other’s flames.”– Amber Suckswert Founder of


Hiya there,

This passage resonated with me today and I thought you might enjoy it too. Thank you for being a light in my life. Continue raising the bar daily, share your gifts openly, and empower yourself and others to be more yourself.

Shine ON



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