Livin La Vida Loca in Brooklyn




Since moving her God has worked in and through me. This universal love has lead me here to refine of my heart and grow my faith. Living in New York City is beautiful. Sure, it is not easy but who said it was supposed to be. through living here I have been given abundant light and love.


Recently I found myself watching this documentary on emotions called E-motion. The beginning of the movie starts with this passage.

There was a man on his death bed. He did not have much strength left and he said to his wife, “come close I want to tell you something. Listen very carefully I can only say this once I don’t have much strength left.” She replied, “I am listening darling what is it?”

He said, “Remember this always each morning the moment you take your head off the pillow you have all you need.” 

These works are now written on my heart. How profound. I hope you find the sustenance you desire everyday. Livin la vida loca in Brooklyn has refined my spirit and strengthened my faith in God. For this I am truly grateful today. Where ever you are in life know that you are loved.

Enjoy this video of our band The Bergamot performing our new single Forget About Tomorrow

Shine ON


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