Isn’t it funny how one small moment can activate faith. Like yesterday for instance I was just doing my thing, all hot and sweaty running errands in our Greenpoint hood and three seemingly normal yet extraordinary events occurred.


I recently received Test Pressings of our new album TONES on vinyl. However, due to our tiny space we were un-able to bring our record player with us to Brooklyn. So, I was on a hunt to find a local shop who would let me spin our record. Low and behold, the first shop I stepped into was an vegan ice cream shop called Van Leeuwen Ice Cream.


The guy behind the counter was so kind. He said, “sure lets do it, I know how important this is given that I am in a band too, I would be happy to spin your record”

“Thank God for this sweet guy he just made my day. I went ahead and supported the shop and made sure to give him a nice tip too. For me, this was a small miracle, I needed help and a stranger helped me.”


As, I sat there listening to our new record I watched a small 21 month old child dance to one of our songs called “Alive”. Then another women was humming along to “Burst Out” while tapping her foot.

No, one knew it was our band playing. It was really liberating watching how folks in Brooklyn responded to our album. I am humbled.


Then a California blond-haired blue-eyed girl walked into the shop. She gave free juice drinks to the workers and then we hit it off and she even gave me one too.

When I told her that I was listening to our new record she got chills on her right arm and said that she was so inspired by the music… the song that was playing is called “Money Honey.”


We all exchanged information and then I went on my way to the bank, and the laundromat.

As I walked on the sidewalk I looked down and there was a wad of crumpled up money. I looked around to see if there was anyone around me that could have dropped it. And there was no one. This is what I like to call “Activated Faith in action”


I was filled with glee like a five year old on her birthday party. I felt like God was giving me a $17 gift and so as I tucked it away into my bag I gave thanks for his loving provisions. For a long while I had been asking God for clarity and provisions to make it though to the next pay period and yesterday God reminded me that he is there and to watch for the small miracles that are occurring around us all the time.

The whole day unfolded into one big miracle of small beautiful moments.


This life is beautiful. God is good and deserves all of our praise. I hope you have the opportunity to do something beautiful for beauty beckons beauty.

Shine ON /// Jillian

shine ON


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