As I near 6,900 miles on this cross country tour I find myself ready for NYC again. 

Just today a friend of mine sent me a New York quote and it snapped me right back into the drippy, bustling New York subway platform. 

The one I was standing on a few weeks back when I was squinting my eyes to read what the tiny letters on the billboard across my platform said.

Below you will find the exact words I read that day. This happened right before we left for this American tour. 

Below you will find the words my friend Paxton sent me today the same exact words I read right before I left and now as I prepare to be welcomed back home to our Brooklyn flat I re-read them. 
But this time around they have new meaning. You see the road changes you, it refines you. Like a rock crashing against the sand. 

Being weathered through the storms and calm. 

Touring changes you and gives you new experiences that seem unimaginable until they occur. 

Anyways it’s 1:30 AM and I am somewhere in Iowa nearing the Illinois boarder with these words rolling around in my brain. 

New Yorkers expect the best of everything. What’s incredible to others is [New York’s] everyday. Our average. As such, we’re more discerning and more demanding…We reward the best of the best with loyalty and pride, holding every New York icon of creativity, culture and science close to our hearts…” 

~NYU Langone Medical Center

Happy Friday !

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