House Show Tour 2015

Ok so the truth is before we got on tour we were gearing up by visiting our favorite joints and of course we had to get one more Regina pizza from Brooklyn finest pizzeria right up the street from where we live called  Pauliee Gee’s Pizza. If you have not gone yet do yourself a favor and go and when you do order off the secret menu our favorite American pizza called the Regina.


Here we are performing a showcase in Austin Texas at SXSW at The Michigan House. PS a special thanks to Mae for hooking us up with these fine folks.

You may be thinking wait a minute I thought you were a musician not a touring food critique well in my line of living I am both since I am and always will always be a full fledged foodie and full fledge musician.

Which is just one more reason added to the pile of why I LOVE touring so, so, so, so, so, much. Is that enough so’s for you? Anyways, its hard to believe that last week today we had already put 13 hours under our belts. Weird?


Here I am standing in the mist of SXSW on 6th street ( the mecca of music happens here) early morning the day of our third showcase with LOUD our distribution label. Showing some pride. // Shine ON

Now, we have made it to Phoenix, AZ from our home in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY which is approximately 2413 Miles and 1 day and 11 hours.


Plus, it helps that I am head over heals in love with my best friend and love of my life Nathaniel Paul Hoff (aka tour bus driver and (insert explicative here) insanely talented songwriting musician that he is – ahhhh, he’s so dreamy.)

I guess that is what you get when you have known someone since you were 15 years old and are high-school sweethearts. Alrighty, we’ve got it good folks.

So, in short sure you could say that I am in love, in love with my man, life decisions, and how we have been working harder then ever while touring our ass’s off. Some say we are living the dream and I would agree without hesitation.

However, do note that any dream has its ups and downs, sacrifices, and uncertainties aplenty.

As you see these glamorous photos above and dreamy lifestyle that we lead you must be conscious about the reality of it all because to any dream there is a real side.

Such as the super crazy 4 AM late night drives where your eyes can’t seem to stay open, or having achy bum from sitting down for 15 plus hours, to feeling hang-rey (you know you’ve been there), or how about needing to go pee and there not being a place to relive yourself- oh this one could be the worst.

SXSW with random Canadian Band who jumped in the photo at the last second.

SXSW with random Canadian Band who jumped in the photo at the last second.

Then there is the constant hustle to make sure your bank account reads in the positive. To loony truck drivers, accidents, road closures, uncertainty as to where we will crash for the night.

And of course you have time lost, time gained, reservations, expectations met and not met.

To missing your cue to capture a photo of the state welcome sign that your husband so badly wanted you to capture for the video he will be putting together. Ooop, sorry babe!


Yes, touring is life for us.There are highs and lows and you hope to break even. Luckily we not only have brooke even we have thrived out here on the open road, singing, writing, performing our painstakingly crafted songs for the masses from sea to shining sea.

Sure, we have our sacrifices, ups and downs but that is all a part of life. Out here on the road I have to pinch myself as I look back at the photos we have taken the moments we have lived through and experiences we have gained and say wow, I am truly blessed.

I live for this and together we love this life, this is our one life so we opted in to live it fully with no reservations and no regrets. Won’t you join us? Live your dream and you won’t work a day in your life.

Shine ON //

PS check out this brand new review we got from Band Mark in Canada its called Brilliantly Brooklyn and its on us >>>—–> The Bergamot.


Photographer // The Colagrossis


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