snow portland maine
Good morning Sunshine,
I hope you are having a great week thus far and TGIF right? Can I get a what, what people? Currently, we (The Bergamot) are on a Winter Northeast tour and it has been a blast. From NYC, to Vermont, to Maine, then Boston, to Binghamton, New York, back
to Brooklyn then down to Maryland. Hopefully its warmer there but I am not holding my breath. Life has been full and we have been moving and shaking on the east coast.
Which has been fulfilling to say the least. I have also attached a recent photo
that we received from a fan of ours in South Bend —-> pretty surreal seeing our
mug shots on a back of a Transpo-bus. If you have not gotten your tickets to
our April 25th show at the DeBartlo Performing Arts Center then by golly
they are going fast.

PS Thanks Kara for capturing this shot today!

Seeing this on the bus brings about very happy feelings and draws us back to how good God has been to us. Praise the Lord on high we are very grateful for all the beautiful opportunities we have received humbly . ❤
Needless to say we have done a lot of praying as of late and here is what the next chapter
is shaping up to look like.
First off we feel God is deeply pulling us to tour a great deal (100-200 dates) in 2015-2016,
perhaps even more than we can evan imagine. In order to fully do this we will need
to invest in this —>

Inline image 1

Oh the beautiful touring life ///
Inline image 10

Photo Credits // Evan Perigo

Inline image 6
Inline image 7
Inline image 8
Inline image 9
When we are not touring we would like to be enjoying this —>
Inline image 2
and this —-> Btw, I am sure you can tell but these are images of  CA!
Inline image 3
and a little golf would not be so bad either 😉
Inline image 4
While gathering + sharing intentionally over beautiful food with family + friends
Inline image 5
God, faith, marriage, love, family + friends ❤
Currently we are on the verge of adding a lifestyle+wellness line called (worthy souls)
to our brand it is all very exiting and exhausting to say the least.
This line would focus on products such as the ones listed below but more focused
In the mean time, we are still in the incubation phase and have a lot of narrowing
down and molding to do. So there you have it folks,  desire, passion, hard work,
and progress. Life is good – God is better. 
Touch base soon & Shine ON,

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