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  1. This is called the “loving-kindness meditation,” it can help improve our compassion and connection to each other, as well as relieving pain. The following information was found on http://goop.com I enjoyed it so much that I was compelled to share it with you here on SHINE ON INC. I hope you find it as useful as I do. Remember that what you focus on grows so feed your soul and mind the good stuff.
  2. The loving-kindness meditation starts by focusing on yourself by saying something like this:May I be happy.
    May I be well.
    May I be safe and protected.
    May I be free from physical and mental suffering.
    May I be healthy and strong.
    May I be at peace.

    Once you’ve repeated these lines a few times and you’re feeling warm and safe, you’ll think of someone you love, such as your child, and you’ll repeat those lines:

    May he be happy.
    May he be well.
    May he be safe and protected.
    May he be free from physical and mental suffering.
    May he be healthy and strong.
    May he be at peace.

    Next, you would picture friends, relatives, your pets, anyone you love or care for, all in succession. Then, when you’re feeling ready, you will picture a person with whom you are struggling—perhaps your boss, or your sister, or your spouse. Even if strong feelings of anger start to surface, you just notice them, release them, and continue.

Each layer of this meditation builds on the previous one, and results in you feeling connected, compassionate—and, science shows, pain-free. One Duke University study followed 43 study participants with lower back pain for 8 weeks and found that those who did a loving-kindness meditation demonstrated significant improvements in pain and psychological distress. Analysis of daily data showed that doing more loving-kindness practice on a given day was related to lower pain that day and lower anger the next day.(6)

This practice may even help you live longer. One Harvard study found that the loving-kindness meditation lengthened the length of the caps on our genes, aka our telomeres, which is a biomarker associated with longevity.(7)

Meditation may even soothe global pain. I know this might sound “out there,” but I do believe that our thoughts manifest as energy into the universe. If every single person on earth did the loving-kindness meditation for one minute a day, we could not only feel less pain, we might even shift the course of human history.

PS: Still skeptical? Here’s a great (and funny!) story on meditation from NPR.

Shine ON


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