Photo Credits // Evan Perigo

Lets take a walk down memory lane shall we?

It was December 9th 2005 my day had been exciting filled with a full curriculum. I was studying Geometry, World Literature, and Earth Space Sciences and it seemed like so much more. With that said it was finally my glory year, the envied Senior year of High School and I had been in the trenches preparing for finals all week long.

Now it was 3:45p.m. and I had just gotten home from school. My right hand was reaching for Mom’s famous homemade banana walnut bread. (Gosh, I would die for a piece of it right now. Mom I hope your reading this, + please send me bread)

With no delay I munched on a few pieces of this goodness then I became increasingly excited to see my boyfriend of almost two years Nathan Hoff (now he is my husband).

He was driving in from college for the weekend to pick me up and take me to dinner and a live performance.

At the time he was a classical guitarist major in college so we were going to go watch the world renowned classical guitarist virtuoso Christopher Parkening and baritone *Jubilant Sykes, perform at  the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center at 8p.m. that December 9th eve of 2005.

Later in the evening we made it to the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center as I sat there I was blown away by the talent, professionalism, and brilliance of the performers that night.

I remember the feeling of inspiration and curiosity as to how they got to perform on that coveted stage. Right then and there I started visualizing myself singing on that stage moving from right to left singing, dancing, and simply being present.

Lets fast forward to ten years later…It is January 25th, 2015 I am writing you from my flat in New York City. When I say that visualization works I am not kidding you. You see ever since I first laid eyes on the DeBartolo stage I have never stopped visualizing myself performing on it.

evan shoot Jan. 2015 edit

Photo Credits // Evan Perigo

So naturally on May 7th 2014 when I received word from the Executive Director of the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center that she and her team wanted to speak with our team about booking The Bergamot to perform on the very stage on April 25th 2015 ( My 27th Birthday) of course I said a big fat YES and our entire Bergamot camp said F&#K YEAH!

For the past ten years I had been visualizing myself performing on the DeBartolo stage! After getting the call I kept saying is real life? While feeling quite humbled at the same time.

Now as we approach the 90 day out mark from our performance on one of my dream stages I have become very excited and have kept my nose to the grindstone as we continue to find that each day is leading me closer and closer to achieving my dreams and the dreams of The Bergamot. 

Phew, if you have read this far thank you! Secondly, I would love to hear from you please post your comments and ideas below.

Finally, I would be so honored if you would come join us as we (The Bergamot) gear up to perform with our full 6 piece band at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center on April 25th 2015. If you for some reason can not make it please tell a friend about the show and invite them to join us on this magical evening.

Buy tickets here ///

As always keep visualizing your dreams and working hard in to realize them. You will be surprised at what will happen. Because nothing is impossiable, the word itself says,

I’m Possiable

Dream BIG + Shine ON




  1. Garrett Sonntag says:

    Love you guys! Your talent is awesome and I might just have to take a weekend trip over to Notre Dame to see the band perform! Looking forward to your future success and to listening to TONES on repeat!

  2. Victoria says:

    I may have to fly straight back to South Bend from Quito, just so I can make this show. Congratulations on realizing your dreams!! Notre Dame is lucky to have you. XO Victoria

    • SHINE ON INC. says:

      Hi Love!
      I miss seeing you around and wow, it will be amazing to see you on April 25th 2015 at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center. Thank you for your kind words and love. I hope Quito has been treating you super well.
      Keep your dreams alive and Shine ON

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