photo //  Colagrossi

photo // Colagrossi

It is hard to quantify a year mostly because I remember the moments when the world seems to be spinning so fast that everything is moving in slow motion. This year I embarked upon one of the greatest adventures of my life. I packed up my treasures into a 2002 Volvo with at the time almost 250,000 miles on it and headed east with a ball jar, some change, and my greatest adventure sitting beside me as we headed to the big apple to pursue our dreams.


Once in a while on the drive we passed snow filled valleys and sparkling tree tops that had bits of ice and millions of crystals hanging upon there branches. We drove through carved out mountains, and next to rivers, we stopped here and there for the normal snack and restroom break or sometimes we would stop just to look over a scenic over view to walk around and stretch.

Looking back it all seems a bit hazy I can recall points and the feeling of sweet anticipation that I felt inside but I could not tell you exactly what we talked about on that crazy drive to the Empire state.  However, I did learn a few things about myself from this great move.


Photo taken by // Perregeaux Wedding Photography

1. Never underestimate the power of desire. 

Once we moved to New York, New York the city tried to kick us out. If you are weak and do not truly desire to be there it will break you down and spit you out. You must want it more than anything and be willing to fearlessly grab it. New York is astute it knows if you want it or if your fronting and it will make sure it takes care of you as it sees fit. This is kinda how life works in general. Life knows your being truthful or fronting so the best way to go about living is to just be yourself and refine to the point of kindness and love.

2. You are stronger than you think 

You truly are stronger than you think be willing to put yourself in a situation where you are vulnerable so you can see this come to life in real time.


3. God has your back. 

God always has your back. Trust and jump. God’s got you, for real God has your back but you have to trust 110% or it wont work.

4. Listen to your body.

Listen to what your body is telling you. If you need more sleep listen to what it is saying and then sleep. Keep the brown and kaki colors off your plate unless they are beans or seeds your body will thank you. More color, more life. Or perhaps you need to breathe more so start reflecting perhaps consider taking a yoga class. Just be present enough to hear what your beautiful body is telling you and act.


5. Take risks, big ones. 

Here is the deal for 22 years of my life I lived up to the status quo. It was a good life and I was content but I was not on fire because I was scared to really live.

For the past 4 1/2 years I took and continue to take leaps of faith and big risks. I sold everything I owned except for the bare-necessities and have been living on the edge since.

I have done and seen some crazy sh*@, I have walked on the edge of humanity, I have skinny dipped in lakes, dove into ocean waves, sang in front of crowds from Portland to Paris, written poems, songs, sketched ideas onto napkins, went crinoid hunting, smelled piney christmas trees on the streets of New York, recorded my dream album TONES, bought new socks and worn holes in them, picnicked under the Eiffel tower, drank ginger root, flown in a jet, snorkeled, laughed with Romans over homemade gnocchi and fell in love with my northern star all over again. Our motto is no regrets and so far so good. Trust me there have been times when I want to go kicking a screaming back into my mothers embrace and yet I made it through, we made it through together more refined and stronger.

Some have called me reckless, silly, immature, weak, and some just worry about me. At first when people started voicing there opinion I would feel sad. Then as the years passed I realized this important truth.

When someone says something negative that hurts your feelings they are projecting the way they think and feel about themselves. It really has nothing to do with you. Obviously, there is a time a place for us to take bits of truth from a genuine statement and refine as we go but in general if someone says something un-kind it is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves. 

Now, I stand tall take a deep breath. I realize things will balance out and that I am on the right path because I have never felt more alive and in touch with God.

I jump over and over again I jump flying into a unknown abyss with arms wide open a heart full to the brim with love. To me there is no better way to live or feel fully alive while I am here on earth. One day I will not be here and all of these possessions that I have collected along the way will exchange hands many times over. Some items will end up in the soil and other pieces will be worn by another. You see we never really owned anything in the first place. To me we have just borrowed it from God for the 80-some-odd years we breathed air on this rotating earth. Yes, I would rather live a unabridged life and scare people by living than live a safe life

 photo by Colagrossi

photo by Colagrossi

My wish for you is that you Shine ON & for your sake go out there and jump fearlessly into 2015,



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