The sooner you learn to love who you are now, the freer you’ll feel to become who you are meant to be. – Kathryn Thompson

To me Love is acceptance, it is overcoming fear and loving yourself as you are now. Love is selflessly taking care of others. It is saying kind things to yourself in the car, in the mirror, and when you are at work. Self affirmations are a gem (try some out) and I could not live without them. Laughing with my sweetheart is possibly one of the best acts of love. As I sing going up the stairs, love is present and my life emits and vibrates throughout the building.

Generosity and light go hand in hand with love. The more generous I am the more I feel love. Performing music is the ultimate act of sharing and generosity for me… its when I am at home and at peace with the world almost in a tunnel of love and giving. Love is apart of my life from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep.

I wrap myself with love by stating what I am grateful for and for reminding myself to be kind and abundant with others and myself.  I have post it notes on my mirror and reminders to manifest more love throughout the day. Oh, and for me making and sharing nutrient dense food is true love. ❤

Shine ON

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