Okay, okay the truth is that I am afraid of sharks, snakes, spiders, and bears. However I am not afraid of living. Being afraid of such creatures and not being afraid of living is quite the contradiction especially since I am taking life by the horns following my passion, surrendering to the infinite, and loving the journey.

Now, I find myself in places where I often face my fears in real time and not just once a year rather most of the time I am found face to face with my fears. I exist in the unknown constantly excelling in uncharted territory. Perhaps one could relate this life to being a millennial explorer.

Unless I’am nestled away in my Brooklyn apartment where I find nothing creepy can survive such as bugs, sharks, bears, or snakes. The only thing creepy that lives in Brooklyn are other people and some can be on the very creepy side but I avoid those folks like one would avoid the plague.

Anyways I digress but these are serious fears, oh how about the one time I was in the forest in Georgia looking for crystals and that creepy snake jumped up into the air as if a slinky unraveled off a trampoline and flew into the air and landed in a creek only a few feet away from where I was standing. Eeekkkkkk!

Or the time when I was in the ocean snorkeling and a shark started swimming in towards me. You better believe I swam back to the beach faster than you can say beach. Then there was one time when bear in Asheville tried to sneak over the fenced in ridge towards the house I was staying in.

Hum, and I really am not fond of spiders yuck, there have been more times that I have come into contact with those furry black creepy things then not. You may be thinking what is the point of all this Jillian? If you truly want to live a life you love your going to come face to face with your fears. You know what the more you face those fears the less fear holds you in its nasty grip. We all have fears and some of us share the same fears.

Fear is truly apart of the human experience. The secret is facing your fears and surviving it. Obviously you don’t want to  swimming in the ocean wearing a wet suit where sharks feast on seals, but sharks should not deter you from getting in the ocean. It’s the same with going after your dream. You want a awesome life?

You want to sell all of your belongings and live out of an airstream on the ocean? Well you can do all of those things but you will first have to start facing and overcoming your fears. To overcome them you must face them, you will surprise yourself. Hey, I’ll be the first one to admit that I am not perfect, I still am afraid of certain things but not as afraid of them as I once was. I work on facing my fears everyday.

In many ways I deal with the same fears you do. I fear I will not having enough money, love, or enough perfection in my life, and as much as I am fully living a life that is uncertain I still have fear about the unknown. Sure, I have fears and am not perfect but what I do have is love, faith, trust, joy, and a beautiful life.

Fear is just a block to obtaining more goodness in our lives. What do you say? Let’s surrender together, lets live a life of abundance, on our own terms. Go ahead face your fears, learn what your afraid of then face it, find out why you fear it and work through your fears one by one.

1. Sit down with a piece of paper in a quiet meditative area and identify what you are truly afraid of. Write out all of your fears, take as long as you want and get it all out there everyone of them. You could very well fill up 8 pages or one page it really depends but be real with yourself. If you have thought of this something and it brings of anxiety then write it down.

2. Once you have your list, ask Why? Why am I so afraid of this or that (be sure to address every one of your fears) Even say your fear out loud.

3. After you have found out the why say the following statements to yourself.

Perhaps your afraid of spiders then you would state the following… (you can interchange the word spiders out with anything)

I am afraid of Spiders.

I am afraid of Spiders.

Even though I am afraid of spiders I love and accept myself anyways.

I am afraid of Spiders.

I love and accept myself anyways.

By stating that your are afraid of X, Y, Z you are letting go of your fear. You are surrendering your fear and by owning it out loud you begin to own your fear and its grip weakens.

Continue going through each fear on your list and start stating it out loud with the twist of acceptance of yourself and the fear.

Own your fears so they don’t own you.
 Shine ON & Go face your fears and start living a life you love.

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