Bergemot-13Today I find myself up on a mountain top in Franklin, North Carolina.

This past year I have been on many mountain tops recording music for our dream record, TONES.

Thanks to all of our supportive fans this past June 2014 we crowed funded 34K to make our dream record.

This resource has been a huge blessing and now because of you we are crafting the finest record we can to contribute to this world. Being an American song-writer has its perks.

First off, we are constantly inspired by this great country and the fine people who reside in it. Along the many tours (5 American tours and one European tour) we have been inspired to write many songs.

Songs about technology, songs about love, loss, growing up, sleeping in the car, coffee roasters, inspiring humans, and songs about our life experiences as we know them to be.

With my best friend/ husband by my side I have been able to write songs bare-foot over-looking the New York skyline, eat some of the best American artisan chocolate bars, drink fine cups of freshly roasted coffee, hit a golf ball or two into the Smokey Mountains, go skinny dipping at midnight, take pictures with a lama named Sam, and carve out time to gather and share meals with the poor.

We have learned that life is about consuming less and contributing more. I would like to be the first Millennial to light the baton to a contribution revolution. I want to encourage you to go out and live a life that you are proud of.

I want to help encourage you to take risks BIG ONES, and for you to “contribute your talents” to create the world you want to live in.

You see we were put here to live, refine, share, create, contribute, love, grow, and give. They say if your not getting stronger your getting weaker and this troubadour lifestyle is a sure fire testament to that.

The purpose of our journey is to work with materials that speak to us, be hands on with the music making process and then share our experience with you.

As an artist you learn overtime that if you have an idea you can find a way to make it happen. When you make something beautiful, you want everyone to be apart of it, that makes it more beautiful, it makes it grow.

Living on the edge has given-way for myself to become more fully human and to surrender to the un-known of life. Sure it is not perfect, I’am not perfect we all have our bad days and challenges but this life sure is beautiful and who really wants to be perfect anyways?

I love what I do and I do what I love with the folks I love most. We all have choices to make choose wisely, do what you love, start living, because no one is going to live for you.

Please join me and thousands of others in continuing this contribution revolution. If you are already using your talents to benefit the grater good of your community then please comment below I want to hear what you are up to. Share with me what makes you tick and sets your heart on fire?

May God Bless you abundantly and may you always,

Shine ON ///


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