627281_521275717906427_881047472_oThe secret to lasting abundance is knowing how to escape scarcity mentality and let go forever. First, you must be aware that your thought pattern is woven around a fear based reality. Second, focus on slowing down and non-judgmentally identifying this thought pattern throughout your day.

In fact, day by day you will begin swapping scarcity mentality out for an abundance mentality. This just means you are willing and ready to choose love over fear.

Download the PDF  below for it shows the differences between the two realities here /// Abundance vs. Scarcity

To me abundance mentality in action looks kinda like this.

When I allow my fears to get the best of me I do not feel fully alive nor do I feel liberated.

The first step for me is being aware enough to notice my fears bubbling up. For instance one of my fears is “uncertainty of where my next paycheck will come from“.

As I am working hard and waiting on that next big gig to come in I start saying this to myself, you are worth that big gig and “there is always more where that came from.”

When I spend ten dollars I say to myself, “there is more where that came from”, when I see a mega star accepting a grammy, I say there is “always more where that came from”, so on and so forth. Putting generosity into the world allows you to feel your best and creates the opportunity to generate more abundance in your life.

Getting out of scarcity mentality and getting into abundance mentality always you to give more time and talents to the world. It will help get you out of scarcity mentality quicker.

Be aware of these patterns in your life and even write down all of the fears that are holding you back.

It helps to have a dedicated notebook that you can write all of your fears down in. Also, check out Gabrielle Bernstein at she released a new book that is captivating enjoy the journey to self discovery and healing in to a more abundant life.

Embrace your being & Shine ON





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