I grew up in a traditional religion, and around the time I turned 15 I started feeling this desire to grow deeper in my spiritual life. I wanted to be more spiritual and connect on a deeper level with God (AKA INThe Omnipotent Love Bomb, or OLB). I was yearning for fulfillment. I felt an urgency to wake up so I could show up on a higher conscious level. This began my search.

While a lot of the kids my age were smoking weed and getting drunk on the weekends I was going to the library picking up self-help books and looking within to find what I was looking for: 1) my purpose, and 2) what the OLB was all about.

It has been over a decade since I began my search and I have realized that it is not as much about finding the meaning of life; rather, it is more about looking for the experience of being alive. Two things are very clear to me. First, the OLB is love. Second, when you follow your bliss you will be able to pay attention to your joyful expressions, and you will contribute instead of consume.

Last October I was working on my passion in New York. As we were recording new tracks in the studio our producer said, “Jillian, I want to hear your voice, not all of these other voices you can do. I want you to not try so hard; what is easy for you is you.” I looked at him stunned and said with a crinkled brow, ” What do you mean? I thought this was my voice?” Obviously I was in shock because for the better part of my singing career I had spent tireless hours working to sound like Joni Mitchell, Adele, Stevie Nicks, and many more.

Then, before I fell asleep that night it quietly dawned on me that my voice was the one left when I stopped trying to mimic and be every other voice. Finding yourself is most often the challenge of a lifetime. However, when you stop trying to be everything you’re not you free up the space to just be.

“You are what is left when you stop trying to be everything you’re not.”

The beauty is in the experience. The meaning comes from the experience, and it is what makes our life meaningful. Choose to do things that bring you joy, in which you are passionate about, and do something where you can make a difference. Once this happens you will begin connecting yourself to your divine purpose. This is when the good stuff happens.

I have added tips from Gabrielle Bernstein as she is a great teacher and light in this world. I hope you enjoy the following:

1. Willingness – I am willing to see things differently

2. Attention – I am paying attention to the assignments

3. Showing Up – I am showing up for the assignments

Then ask yourself the following…

1. What makes you happy?

2. What makes you come alive (consider asking a close supportive family member or friend this question about you, they may surprise you)

3. When am I most happy?

If you want to be more spiritual, try out the following expressions that were inspired by Marie Forleo:

1. Gratitude: Start with gratitude for exactly what you have in your life. It changes us on a cellular level.

2. Presence: Be present and bring that Omnipotent Love Bomb to the moment. Use the senses you have, like touch and smell.

3. Passion and Enthusiasm: Bring passion to everything you do, from washing your dishes to sending emails.

Remember that the Omnipotent Love Bomb shows up big when you have faith that the love is there. Be sure to bring love to everything you do, and be present.

You may be wondering how I see the OLB? Well, I see the OLB in the faces of my family, in a beautiful sunset, in music, and in the eyes of Christ. I see the OLB in the mundane and in the morning birds. God is beauty and God is love, and I see God when there are kind people are in action contributing.

I often ask myself what is the difference between Religion and Spirituality?

To me religion is a set of rules that defines someone else’s spiritual experience. There is a lot of judgment of who is doing it right and who is doing it wrong.

Spirituality is experiencing it on your own. Spirituality is very simple: it is a measure of how loving you are, and how open your heart is to receive God’s abundance and joy.

I look forward to expanding upon these ideas and hearing your thoughts in the comments below. As always I would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below and do yourself a favor and follow your bliss.

Shine ON



  1. Laurita says:

    I love that you distinguish between spirituality and religion, while they often go hand and hand I think people get lost in the label of “religion” and then dismiss the reality spirituality, Faith and the “lived experience” are so intertwined in my own life. I cannot imagine living another way. “Make your life a prayer” a wise man once told me. So that’s how I try to live; for myself and others. Beauty can be found in the most unusual of of places, and that, I think is where Joy is most often found. Good luck! I love it that you’re finding your own voice.

    • SHINE ON INC. says:

      Laurita I am feeling very blessed to hear your thoughts here on the topic of Spirituality, Religion, and Faith intertwined in the shared experience of life. It is encouraging to know that there are others out there who share these views. Expansion of self awareness is so important in my life and as I walk on my journey it seems that miracles do happen when you are anticipating them. Thank you for sharing Laurita and I look forward to hearing from you again. Shine ON -J

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