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  “The world would be a much happier place if everyone pursued their passions and followed their hearts rather then letting money and others decide their path.”

Every time I am on tour somewhere around the fourteenth hour inspiration hits, well at least that is what I think it is it could be cabin fever but either way I am glad for it. Lucky for me I am back on tour doing what I do best performing for beautiful folks all over the world. So somewhere around the fourteenth hour mark this thought came to me, “what if finding happiness is easier than we think, what if happiness is the fulfillment of a few desires, if so what are these desires?
From this question I came up with “4 things people who love life do differently”
My powerful desire for staying connected to God and Love as I know it to be has lead me to tremendous joy in my life. This joy comes from a yearning to know and love this higher being more fully. I learn more about love as I love my husband, family, friends, fans, and earth in new and continual ways. This desire to love spurs me to create  to be a loving and selfless being, evolving into a more soft graceful human who is kinds and compassionate. I strive to connect daily to the spiritual which brings great happiness. I am forever bound to seek out more of this great Love while tapping into the absolute and infinite realities.
To give of oneself, talents, possessions, and love is the greatest way to use your life. Think about what your good at, and don’t give me this ” oh, I am not good or talented at anything” because thats bull$*it.
Every person has something they can give from something as large as your beautiful painting, time shared helping an elderly person collect leaves, or to something as small as a friendly smile. As long as you build your life around giving not only will you feel better as a person but you will be receiving so much more than you give. Its a felling you can not manufacture nor is it a feeling that you can buy it is a feeling that only comes when you generously and authentically give without wanting in return.
This is the of true essence of giving and it will transform your life. Consider giving to someone who you know can not return the favor, perhaps someone less fortunate as you or someone who is lonely. Plant seeds of kindness that are hidden from anyone other than you, for example bake your elderly neighbor cookies and drop them off at their house with a nice note and if you get invited in talk with them for a while I bet you will make their day. There are so many ways to give just think of something you would enjoy giving and give it all way.
When I was five years old I used to sit under this big old Oak Tree in my childhood backyard. As I sat I would sing loud and proud I would sing songs I imagined up and right there my love for songwriting and singing began  beneath the old Oak Tree. Fast forward 21 years later and I live in New York, touring all over the world, performing on stage to the songs I have written. It is an incredible feeling and the amount of hard work that has gone into getting this far into living my dream and pursuing this passion is more than I would have ever imagined.
Yet, I love what I do and the work that I must do to continue on this path I do with full knowledge that I have been very blessed, so their is no complaining its kinda a policy of mine. Once in a while on a really low day you might hear me squeak out a complaint but I try to pull myself up by my bootstraps and journey on. Living out my passion is the best most fulfilling thing I have ever chosen to do with my life. Sure the lows suck but the highs make the lows and the in between hustle all worth it. Its liberating, joyous, and full. I would not trade this route for the world. Consider what your passion is and how your life would look if you only pursued that?
“The world would be a much happier place if everyone pursued their passions and followed their hearts rather then letting money and others decide their path.”
Last October (2013) when we were in our New York recording studio I realized that finding the essence of who you are only can only occur when you give up everything your not. Let me repeat, “finding the essence of who you are can only occur when you give up everything your not.” Your surroundings, possessions, people you hang out with, what you eat or don’t eat, shape your identity. So lets just say God forbid but your house burns down, all of your friends and family move away, and your left with the shoes on your feet and the t-shirt on your back what would your new identity look like?
How would having nothing make you feel? Part of becoming a minimalist is questioning all of the possessions you have from things you own to people you rely on. What if you gave away all you owned and started again with nothing but the point of you starting over was to some how foster having fewer things that bring joy or beauty to your life.
In the words of my dear friend David Dixon,
“Life simply so you can be agile and spontaneous, don’t be owned by your stuff. Think about all the hours and dollars spent maintaing, fixing, cleaning, organizing, insuring, and worrying about all your stuff? Stuff costs far more than just the price tag. You’re literally give your life to stuff. It’s insane. I just needed the permission to no longer need as much stuff. The more you eliminate, the more you can focus on what remains; what you leave out is as important as what you leave in. ” 
After all of your stuff is sorted, donated, sold you are left with you and the space you need to do what you love. Instead of collecting things try collecting experiences through living around like minded people and pursuing your passion. Inadvertently during the process of simplifying what happens is you become a “Meaningfulist” // a person who would rather collect meaningful joyous experiences than live in fear and collect things.
When my husband and I sold all of our belongings in 2013 we were able to packed up our  2002 Volvo with what was left and start again in New York City. What a liberating experience it was and still is. Now we spend every waking hour working on pursuing our passion together and have no desire for collecting things for we know they will just weigh us down and make it hard for us to do what we love.



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