Photographer: Evan Perigo

Eternal Investment // occurs when one shares their (time, talents, and resources ) generously to those in need and to those not in need. (pretty much to everyone) 

Attention // This investment can not be stolen like a thief sealing precious jewels in the darkness of night nor can it be bought and stashed away in gold piles off some foreign coast.

An Eternal Investment thrives on giving to others in need and flourishes as the kindness is passed forth. This investment deepens as you give and grows as you live.

Death // When you die it it overcomes death’s dark clutch as it becomes eternal. For when you were living this investment like seeds scattered among rich soil grows and grows and grows it lives on through the people you gave to. 

Fear eats the soul // love sets you free. So, lets be courageously generous people who radically give and have faith that we will be richer for giving then for keeping or receiving. 

Fear eats the soul, love sets you free


Shine ON





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