I love my Mom, there I professed it even though its not from a mountain top in the Alps… I suppose my apartment kitchen table will have to do.
You see we share so many things from our laugh, our singing voice (thanks for teaching me to sing when I was a little girl), to our playful demeanor, love of people, our shared horoscope the infamous and cherished Taurus sign, our love of knowledge, family, friends, food, hospitality, rescuing animals, and so much more.
Sometimes we are so similar that we do not even recognize how similar we are. Yet, today on your birthday I want you to know that I am so blessed to call you Mom.
Your a ray of light and kindness and your heart is so beautiful it bursts at the seems with goodness. You are my blessing, I thank God for you. Keep an eye out in the mail. 

As always with a heart full of love, Shine ON Mom
I love you xo Jillian



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