Hey there, so this is Wilco and he is my very best furry superhero friend. My parents found him in Fort Wayne, IN in 2009

When they brought him over to my college apartment he was in really bad shape… yet I kid you not it was love at first sight. 

I have never had that moment with a furry creature they way I fell for this little guy.

He was in need of help, a bath, a hair cut (which I happily gave him), and he was hungry and all I had at the moment was bread so he was a happy little guy every time he saw the bread bag. 

It has been five years and I think of him pretty much every day. 

Since I am a full time touring artist I was not exactly in the position to keep him. So he ended up landing a home at my Mother and Father in- laws house. Good deal right?

He has a big brother Eli who is a beautiful golden doodle and gets plenty of love, belly scratches, and fresh air.

And the best part is I know I can always see him when I am home with all of that said It is a very bitter sweet story for me, because in my dream world I would have had enough time to be his full time care taker.

So I carry on thinking about how much I love him and knowing that he is so happy. He pretty much is my furry superhero and for this I am very blessed indeed. 


In the comments below I would love to hear about your furry superhero 


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