I have found myself caught in the grip of the scarcity mentality far to many times to admit. Being a full time artists has presented its challenges from how to book enough shows to pay rent, or when your really hungry and you only have a few bucks in your pocket and its not quite enough to grab that burrito that has got your heart  held tight in the tin wrapper. 

Yet with all of this said following your hearts desire is the most fulfilling thing I have ever embarked on. One day when I was scratching my head trying to figure out how to generate more value when I stumbled upon this line that changed everything.


“There is always more where that came from” 


Marie Forleo said this line in her Q&A Tuesday video and she happens to be one of my favorite guru’s on creating a life and business you love. When I first heard it I thought WOWZA. This really hit home and makes a tone of sense.

You see being a full time  artist can offer a feast of famine lifestyle. When your high your really slammed and all is centered and when your low well you get the picture. 

It wasn’t until I read this that I realized that there really is more where that came from. From creativity, to breathing, to money, to food, to new friends and more, much, much, more. 

This phrase has gotten me out of the scarcity mentality so many times and will continue to. Try it out yourself. You might be really surprised at how it changes your perspective on life, desire, and how to live your passion. 

as always Shine ON


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