Vibrant blue drips into a forest of green delicate spears. Springing forth with the urgency of a storm cloud brewing atop the ocean wide. This is what spring in Brooklyn looks like from my view. Baby’s clinging to their fathers embrace, Mothers wearing slacks and breezy linen tops with a casual fedora upon her head. Friends laughing in the park while getting ready to take a bite into their fresh made sandwich perfectly wrapped in brown deli paper. The air is warm, humid with the ever so slight breeze that allows the whips of hair to blow into my face once in a while. I noticed all of this as I walked to the post office to purchase stamps to ship out some post cards to loved ones. To me there is nothing more enjoyable than hand writing a letter, its nostalgic and personal. When I look up today I see a celestial sky, ever embracing, ever changing, and I know I am where I need to be here in this moment today. 


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