Recently, I have found myself writing new music, touring the East coast, embracing the changes spring brings, and in general figuring out this thing we call life. With all of this said as I write you from a coffee shop in Greenwich Connecticut I realize my great imperfectness makes me human, very human. For I exist to refine my soul. You know pull out the icky gigcky impurities.

I am hear to  challenge myself to be all I can be, while continually renewing my growth surplus. All of this came to me after I  blundered a new venture I jumped into. It all started after I met a random Russian gentleman in a cafe who needed help opening up a cafe styled shop in New York.

He was interested and in need of new branding elements and I thought, “hey I can do this” I have successfully be apart of branding The Bergamot so sure I’ll give it a go. Long story short it did not go as planned, it was a total failure. After I involved my team members for weeks to develop my clients brand after all of our hours and hard work he decided he was not satisfied.

At that moment I realized no matter what we did there was no way he would be satisfied with what we were going to present to him. There are many things I love to do, laugh, sing with my arms extended out wide open, jump around, enjoy great meals with my husband, share engaging conversations with my family & friends and in general focus my resources on the beautifully uplifting things of life.

Now after all of the branding stuff I sure know what I do not enjoy doing. This major fail taught me what I am great at. To be frank, I kinda needed to fail forward to get clear on life and I do not regret trying the branding adventure I learned what I really love to do and I am sticking with it. No need to dilly dally or be distracted in other ventures because you know what at the end of the day as good as I am at music, someone is just as good at being a branding consultant and they devoted there whole life to that profession like I have devoted my entire life to music.

There was just no need for me to jump into their profession just for fun or for a quick second like they would never be like hey I have sang a few times and I think I am going to go out on tour cold turkey.  So yeah, was I frustrated by this process, YES, was I crazy for thinking I could do branding YES, and did I have a lot of audacity, YES. The real question is why did I do this in the first place? My answer is that I was scared to dedicate myself 110% to my true calling.

Sure, I am seem so certain and confident all the time and most of the time I am. But, like all humans we are inclined to be scared of what we want most and this was a last ditch effort on my part to distract myself from facing the music, literally. You know what I really need to trust my gut because before I started the branding project my gut told me not to do it, but did I do it anyways YES.

All in all, it looks like I needed to fail forward to learn that it is time to face the music, this has been a very important life lesson I am very grateful for the person I am growing into. This expansive life experience has challenged me to examine what it is I desire.

Its time to go sing, be a music maker, and lover of life. My tip for you is don’t be afraid to take chances failing forward is natural and good it allows you to expand and learn. Sure its not easy but in the end it is worth it.

Shine ON


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