ImageFeeling exhausted. Blood shot eyes, a weary heart.

Across the street from my flat as I sat at the square dinner table inside Amirn Thai restaurant I thought “Have I eaten mostly bread since I moved here?”

My life has been moving a million miles per minute and maybe just maybe as I catch my breath perhaps I really did eat primarily bread for the past two months.

I did also eat some, oats, nuts, apples, beans, rice, and more nuts with of course some chocolate mixed in there. 

Gosh that is a lot of dense stuff, hummm, now that it is spring I am really starting to crave some green anything green, I would eat the grass if I could but that really seams unsanitary. 

What a bazaar two months it has been on the food front, I have eaten some of the best meals of my life and many consisted of grains. Granted this is no complaint for I am very blessed rather this is a call to action to myself to get back to where I came from.

More greens please!

I survived two months of NYC living by eating many bread filled meals, praise God for that. Now I will thrive in NYC as I will hunt down every last green spinach leaf for I am #cravinggreen this is a turning point and I am ready.

Will you join me in my quest for eating green? 

Shine ON


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