“something about the way the subway was dripping, her red jacket, and his voice.”


Watch how the subway drips as people rush under to catch the silver train. It could have been that her red jacket was beautiful and his particular voice singing Girl from Ipanema crossed me at the right moment.

While I leaned up against the subway map waiting for the L train I began to hum along and gaze at her vibrant jacket this eventually turned into me singing out loud to the man singing Girl from Ipanema. Right then another girl turned and said, ” oh, I just had to see who was singing behind the map, that’s all.”

This moment seems like a toss in the pond out of millions of moments like this but something about the way the subway was dripping, her red jacket, and his voice.

Perhaps, it had to do with how present I had become since I moved here. Nothing was buzzing in my pocket (not owning a cell phone in the 21st century has made me more mindful) or because this was one of the first times I was all alone finding my way through the city with a pencil, a lined notebook that was given to me by my husbands cousins girlfriend, and my thoughts.

Or maybe it was that in that moment I realized I am living potential. I could feel my potential growing and to be honest on some level it scares me what I can become and on the other hand it makes me feel at peace knowing that I am brave, expandable, and doing it.

Yeah, you could say it was something about the way the subway was dripping, her red jacket, and his voice. You could say they changed me that day, because that day I became my potential realized, I am what I have dreamed.


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