Mom and I

My beautiful Mom and I

The birds are chirping, people outside my New York flat are laughing and all seems to be right with the world. Then as I was pondering the meaning of life it hit me what if sugar is the main ingredient behind Love?

Think about it, when you were little and you did a good job in school or won that volleyball game, your parents showed their love and support by taking you to get ice cream.

Or how about that time when it was your 7th birthday and your Mom showed her love by staying up till 2:30 AM baking all of those cupcakes for you to bring to school. By the way thanks to the best Mom in the whole world. Now that I am getting older pushing 25 years I really appreciate all the effort you put in, heck screw the older crap even when I was younger I loved and appreciated you baking all of those cupcakes for my birthdays. Please send me some in the mail this month for my birthday pretty please!

I even would sneak a few extra for myself after I passed them out to all the kids, I guess honesty is the best policy even after all of these years right? Anyways, I digress… what I am trying to say is “Sugar is the main ingredient of love, it is sweet like love, it brings you happiness like love, and there is seemingly always more to go around, just like love.”

So today behold, here is one of our family recipes. It came to my Mom almost 20 years ago through her best friend Kim. These cookies are called drum roll please….. Kim’s World Famous Cut Out Cookie’s. OK so I may or may not have added the world famous line but either way ladies and gentlemen this recipe is what dreams of sheer delight are made of. This is LOVE!

I grew up in Indiana feasting on this sweet love cookie.  To this day it happens to be my favorite sugar cookie and call it nostalgia or call it love, it is damn fine and I know you will enjoy these with your friends, loved ones, and random people you meet on the street. Be sure to pack extra bags to give away as little LOVE BOMBS.



1 ½ cups of Butter room temperature (this amounts to three sticks)

1 egg

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

4 cups flour

¼ teaspoon salt


Cream butter and sugar together. Add egg and vanilla, and then alternately add flour and salt mixture slowly. Roll out dough to ¼ inch thickness and cut out your design with your hand cut out patterns, be it hearts, stars, or circles. Bake 8 -10 minutes in a 350 degree oven, just until slightly golden on top. This recipe makes 5 dozen cookies.


¼ cup butter

2 cups confectioners’ sugar (also known as powdered sugar)

1 teaspoon vanilla

2 tablespoons cream evaporated milk (or almond milk)

Cream together butter and sugar (3 minutes or so) next, stir in Vanilla, add cream gradually add beat until frosting is of right consistency for decorating or spreading.



    • SHINE ON INC. says:

      haha Birgit you know I am pushing 25 lol my birthday is this month I can not believe it Ill be 26 on the 25th. Last year I was in your home country on my golden birthday oh what an extraordinary day it was. Today has been glorious and I am happily awaiting the new blends to smell. Yum! Love you too and Shine ON Birgit xxx

  1. Kim Barnbrook says:

    Jillian, I would like to share the history of “Kim’s World Famous Cut Out Cookie’s”. The cookie recipe was from my grandmother’s neighbor Bernie Nania who was a wonderful baker and it took many many years of persuading her to share it.

    My dad use to sit on “Bernie’s” doorstep on West Broadway in Mishawaka when he and my mother first were married. They were neighbors and my mom wasn’t a great cook (I inherited that from her lol) and Bernie would always take pity and give my dad her bake goods, bread, cookies, nutbreads. And seriously, he would smell something baking and plant himself on her doorstep in hopes of a handout!

    Some years later, Bernie and her family moved next door to my grandma. (Bernie was a wonderful friend to my grandmother and our family) They both shared the love of baking. They each treasured their secret recipes! Well, at some time they shared with each other some of their “secret recipes” and grandma finally got Bernie’s prized Sugar Cut Out Cookies and Icing recipe. Those cookies were always made with love and care from both ladies to whoever was in receipt of them.

    My grandma would mail them to us in her surprise boxes several times a year. We would start screaming when we saw the mailman bringing the box out of his truck. You see, we only got to see our grandparents once a year, but grandma kept the love flowing with her boxes of goodies. Simple as they were, they were awesome!

    Of course Grandma gave the recipe to my mom and we (my bro’s and I) made them with her at Christmas. We always had fun making those cookies! What a mess, but what great times!

    I shared the recipe with your mom because of our friendship and because of her love of baking, family and tradition and knew that she would make them with you girls, just as I did with my boys.

    Those who take the time to make these cookies will surely make them from the best sugar money can’t buy…….love!

    The only credit I can take for this recipe is passing it along to special people! And you are passing it along to people who are special to you!

    As I read your story your story it touched my heart deeply. Thank you for sharing. Love you little girl!

    • SHINE ON INC. says:

      Kim! This story made my week. You know I have always adored you like a second mother. Your a precious gem to our family and through the years we have made some smashing memories with you, Jim, and the boys. The friendship we all share I will cherish forever and whoa what a story about Bernie, your grandma and dad. Just think of all the lives that have been touched because of those Love Cookies. Every time I make them or take a bite it brings be back to when I was a little kid and they always will. Sending you huge hugs, many thanks, and love from our flat in New York the flat you will be staying in with my Mom if you can persuade her. Its really lovely here I send you some photos. Love you, Jillian

      PS Infinite gratitude to you for sharing this recipe with our family and now many of my extended loved ones will get to share the love too… many lives are better for your kindness and sharing. xxxxxxooooo

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