This will be my second move in the past two months. I was really pulling for this place we were at now.

However, due to unforeseen circumstances with the other roommate from their energy to the way the treat other people I must gracefully bowed out.

This allowed me to challenge what home really means to me. for one a home is a shelter that provides for ones basic needs a place to sleep, a stove to cook on, fresh water for the bathroom and kitchen and most of all welcoming energy.

I never realized how important a pure energy in a home is until now and it is something worth fighting for.

Negative energy will break any home. Today, when you walk into your home think about what type of energy lie there is it warm, welcoming, and humble or is it harsh, uncertain, and fear driven.

I will always fight to have a home that aligns with a bright warming energy. This week wednesday marks anew beginning we move again setting out to find that place of rest, warmth, and welcome.

Shine ON


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