Stumbling upon a rare wild flower on a summers afternoon can pretty much change your life.

Strolling on a dirty sidewalk in New York with your eye caught on one single flower blooming from the dirty earth makes the rest of your day a bit more beautiful.

Its the same way when you stubbled upon a conversation in a small artisan shop and instantly become engaged in the conversation with the girl behind the counter.

Then you start laughing, and you snort and they laugh and snort and at that very moment you realized that the world is a better place because of this moment you just shared together.

Friends bloom from moments like these. Fort this I praise God, for the world is more manageable with friends like this in your life. Somehow it makes everything alright, even if for a moment. Today may God bless all of the friends I hold near to my heart and all of the friends who I will someday love.


Shine ON


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