Hand crafted, cared for, lost, and found all of these elements represent the rings I carry on my hands.

The significant meaning they have lifts me up every day I put them on.

These four rings were each gifted to me in the most unassuming of ways.

My Jade ring came to me from a spiritual healer who has the most beautiful energy you would ever feel.

She was sitting across from me in a local italian restaurant.

She then looked up and said,, “I was told this morning by my intuition to give this ring to someone” pointing to the jade ring her hand. Then she made eye contact with me and placed it in my hand.

The, spiral two stone green ring was a find with my love and he gave it to me for Christmas. Which leads me to my wedding band and emerald engagement ring.

The wedding band is a vintage 1930’s found in a pawn shop in a very dangerous area of South Bend. We went there to find a vintage guitar and as Nathaniel was looking at the guitar I had found it in the jewelry case. By the time Nathaniel had come around the corner I had put an offer in for $150.

The owner took the money and we were gone. Got in the car and I smiled as I looked out of the window with my new found treasure in my hand.

Finally, the emerald ring was my husbands grandmothers gem so when I look at it I feel very present and proud to be wearing such a glorious ring from an amazing women.

In the morning when I place these upon my hands I dream of the days to come and the days that have past. I get to see my love’s light on my hands everyday and for this I am very grateful.


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