ImageShe with her surf blond hair laughed plugged the cable into the internet portal and said “yeah, that’s what we call a Norwegian Reset.” I looked at her and thought this crazy girl with her London accent and pure heritage is something else, really something else.

I realized in that very moment that I adored her.

Her friends call her Em’s I call her Em and her real name is Emilie. Its crazy how you can connect with certain people and know you will be life long friends.

What a joy people are, what gifts. I really will miss her when she heads back to Sweden this Wednesday.

It has only been one week since we have known her but I feel like we have known each other for years. She is an only child but we call each other sis already.

Chemistry, laugher, and ideas on Norman Ave. I suppose that is how life is you have a free spirit and for a second your spirits connect and intertwine only to untangle into shooting sparks then poof.

We don’t own anything at the end of the day, this jacket on my back will eventually go back into the earth, my shoes will wear down eventually, and my body will become flowers. Just like that our friends move on and we are left with a more enriched life for knowing them.

But we will never own anyone, or anything so we might as well stop trying to. Just be love and breedlove, it will come back to you.

Shine ON from a cafe somewhere in Brooklyn


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