The NYC rush. 

Train to train, 

avoiding the puddles that seem to 

be two feet deep

mittens check, hat, and coat, 

my goodness do I ever need boots

walking from rental to sublet to art deco apartments

hustling beneath the Brooklyn Trees so tall and strong.  

From modern with wood floors to new owners new buyers, 

deny a brokers fee, we need your credit scores, and the honking 

of the cars from the streets outside this window. 

Low and behold to find in the subway a few parisian girls 

who are headed to a concert or the lady who flagged me 

down to let me know there is a Trader Joe’s in 

down town Brooklyn. 

Should we make this decision and that?

This city reminds me of how blessed youth is, Thank God were young. 

Dreams are pulsating here the same way my heart 

pushes blood through all of my veins, quite similar 

to the trains and how they push all the people out to the streets

and their homes weaving around buildings that have stood tall

for hundreds of years as Lady Liberty smiles and protects this city. 

I love it all taking it in.

Fresh, exciting. 

Today the NYC rush is the beat of my heart. 


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