4,349 MILES


There I was standing in the middle of a hallway 4,349 mi. away from home in Gera, Germany getting ready to talk to a class full of German High School students. What would I say, would they understand me, how would I understand them. It had been a long while since I felt that vulnerable. Something came over me my hands started getting clammy and then they opened the door, “the class is ready for you”.

Out of sorts I placed one foot in front of the other. I politely smiled at the class then heard my mind begin to race faster than the prize winning horse in the Kentucky Derby. I thought my goodness Jillian what was going on here I had the opportunity of a lifetime to share incite about my American life and I was choking.

Lucky for me my partner Nathaniel was also speaking in the room and was as we say in America “Killin it”. Thank God for him being so relaxed.

I had just committed the worst intellectual crime, taking myself to seriously. This happens when I do not trust myself or my heart to connect and instead use my head to lead. This inevitably never turns out well.

I sing to use my heart as my compass  and when I am on stage nothing else matters but the notes in the song, the melody, and the lyrics. I am home when I am on stage singing.  I do not have time to over think things or take myself seriously I only have time to get lost in the music. When we get lost, we are found.

Let this lesson be a lesson to help you. When you take yourself “seriously ” what your really doing is not trusting your heart. This never works out.

I challenge you to  find a hobby or art form that you can lose yourself in. When we your lost you will be found.

Shine ON


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