Ever feel unplugged? Down, and defeated on your dream’s? I sure have many times, but I got back up dusted

myself off and kept pushing forward, and you can too.


1.  Find a quite place and just breath (15 min will do wonders). In order to plug back into your passion

getting clear and centered is very important.

2. Grab a piece of blank paper and write out all of your fears, the things that you believe will get in the way of

your success. Then, write out all of your successes and what you believe so deeply you can accomplish as you

work hard. “Goals are dreams with deadlines.”

3. Believe in yourself and that you possess the ability to work hard for this dream because there is no substitute for

hard work.

4. Successful people don’t find time they make time. You can to think about it you have 24 hours in a day that means

even if you have to work a 10 hour shift you could still make time in your day to spend 5 hours working hard to perfect

your craft and have 9 hours left in which you would have 1 hour do do busy things like shower, eat, sit down and read a

magazine and then the other 8 to sleep.

Shine ON


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