A love story can only be a love story if you have built your moments together on love, not fear. Remember, fear eats the soul. Keep your soul tidy, let your partner love you and love him/her in return. Nurture your love and let it bloom into a love story. Give it time, tend it, and never stop loving. Love until it hurts.


Be an awesome person, who is confident, kind, loving, generous, passionate, spiritual, and hardworking. You will attract a man/woman who shares similar attributes. Then respect him/her and he/she will cherish you in return. When the time comes and you are completely in love with each other your proposal will be magical. 


Rile up your support system, your parents, community, friends, siblings, Aunts, Uncles, friends of friends because your going to need all the support you can get. Then go to your local book store and purchase a wedding planner book that teaches you how to throw a successful wedding in less than 3 month even though your wedding is in 6 months this book will sift past the clutter and get straight to the good stuff. 


Get clear and create a wedding mission statement. Ours was God. Minimalism. Joy., once you have a good mission statement stick to it. Have it on post it notes on your mirror, on your computer, in the car. Make sure every question passes through it. Refer to it all the time and then make smart decisions from it. It will be your compass. 


Save up, spend within your means, pay in cash, no debt = Happy Marriage.


Find a meaningful spot to tie the knot. Our wedding took place at a one of the oldest churches around town and it happened to be the place in which both sets of great grandparents walked down the aisle too. Super special.


Go on the prowl to find a place that no one has used for a event and make it your own, well of course that is with the permission of the owner of the site.


Be sure to search on Etsy.com and at pawnshops for your rings, you might be surprised at what you find, we sure where. Be sure to get them spiritually blessed and cleaned up by a professional jeweler when you find the right ring.


Look where no one is looking. Take risk and find the perfect dress online. I went to Etsy.com and searched on many alternative online websites. Save huge, save time, money, and end up loving the dress you’re in.


Check out alternative shops like H&M for your mate’s attire. Give your bridesmaids and groomsmen the freedom to choose their own attire within guidelines you send them. For the ladies I sent them a color palette and fabric to stay within. As far as the men we kept it simple by telling them to wear a black slim fitted suit with a white button up pressed shirt. It worked like a charm.


It’s worth the extra money to find a photographer who will provide you with beautiful high quality photos you will cherish and value for the rest of your lives.


Look for a videographer who has a passion for the small focused shots and moments your video will mean so much more when you get it back. I called in December to order the locally grown flowers for our wedding in August. It is courtesy and proper planning to give the grower enough time to plan and plant for your special day.   


Seek out local food options. Since we live in Indiana we met up with an Amish family who makes good wholesome food.  Pay them to prepare certain dishes showcase the season. This will bring out the authentic home grown flavors of your region, which makes a nice additive to your wedding.


Save tons of moolah and our beautiful earth by going with an organic feel when it comes to your food choices and to your wedding plate-ware. You can do it without sacrificing any flavor or design.


Find a local vender at the farmers market and set up an appointment early on during the planning process.


Make friends who happen to be musicians, barter with them and pay them a fairly or if they wish give a donation in their name to a local charity.   


Do not worry about anything or anyone during the day, stay present, and breath. Be sure to pause and look around. Take it all in. Use your brain to shoot memory snapshots, those are the ones you will treasure forever and can recall at any time.


After all the cake has been cut, lights have been turned off, and your finally married make time everyday to compliment your spouse. Begin each morning by saying three good things your grateful for. It will start you both off on the right track and make you aware of your blessings together. Love the life you live.


Shine on together in the face of impossibility, uncertainty, and fear, may your light shine forth in love together. This is an important idea to follow because there will be many fears that come up in your marriage but seek each other and communicate these out loud and you will not only feel better about the situation but find solace in knowing that you are on the same page.


Go forth and light the world on fire. Make good choices, do good things, change the world.


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