In 2003, I was starting my sophomore year in high school. One day in September in a bookstore I met this 17 year old guy named Nathan. We quickly became friends over music and guitar lessons.

One day I would go over to his house and we write songs together and then next day we would talk in the hallways of our high school. During our time together he introduced me to organic foods something I had never heard of before.

I tried this “organic food stuff” and  I didn’t die so I figured well it tasted pretty delicious. I could give it a shot… you know eating a little bit better, being greener, while minimizing my footprint.

After I started eating organic food I realize that there were some really cool magazines out on living your best life while eating whole organic foods.

I found this one magazine called Organic Style. Oh how I loved that magazine so. Sadly, they ended up going out of print in 2005 and I was devastated since Organic Style had offered me so much encouragement on my journey towards love.

Last night January 23rd 2014 I went back to my childhood home and I noticed on my old bookshelf my Organic Style magazine.Picking that magazine made me feel the exact same way it did 10 years ago a little bit of giddyness mixed with joy.

I open up the page to a short quote on India Arie here is what it said,

“India Arie singing until we hear the sound of our own acoustic souls… India eats vegan drinks no alcohol dresses in clothes by her mom styles her hair herself and volunteers for UNICEF all according to her unique inner compass.”

Which made me think what would the world be like if everyone followed their unique inner compass like India Arie? What would the world look like, what would you feel like if you followed your inner compass?


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