Opt-in to life – Photographer Evan Perigo

Optional, our modern day world is built on this word. Think about it, you wake up and your feet hit the ground at that very moment you can choose to go to work or not to go to work but either way there will be an equal or opposite reaction to your decision.

“To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction” (Newtons Law)

We make hundreds of decisions every day. We can opt in or opt out from emails, to phone calls, to practicing, or meeting up with friends. Just about everything we do is optional.

The word optional means that you have the choice to to be able to choose or not to choose something because it is not obligatory. We can opt into eating whole foods that will help our bodies to flourish or opt out. Optional underlies freedom. Given that I am blessed to live in a free country I have even more options and this is something I am grateful for.

Yet it is necessary for me to assert the options I am jumping on board with or not. Today I have opt-ed in on writing this blog post, praying, taking a shower, drinking a spinach smoothie made in my beloved Vita-mix, responding to business inquiries, singing, playing my ukelele, waking up far past my alarm clock’s incessant ring, but the most important opt-in I have made today is opting into LOVE others through intentional actions.

To love my God, Husband, Self, Family, Friends, Fans, and life. To opt in to fearless thinking, joy, and peace within. I freely choose with my freewill to opt-in to life. What are you opting in to or not opting into today?

In the words of my friend Gregory L Haines, “Make good choices, Do good things, Change the world” because you only have this one life to live, so go out there and jump.

Shine ON


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