ImageTwo years ago I prayed a bold prayer on tour  to fully surrender my heart to Love (aka God). Shortly, after that plea I began seeing 111 appear. It showed up on clocks, phones, under overpasses, just about anywhere at the most pivotal times (after I would pray, or if I was worried about something, or after I got engaged ext.) .

Many days I would see 111 up to 5 times. I kept thinking what does this mean and why do I feel something in my heart when I see this number show up.

I was talking to my boyfriend at the time (who is now my handsome husband) and he told me this, ” Oh, yeah when I was in grade school there was a priest named Father Bill Wack (https://twitter.com/FrWack) who once said if you see a number repeated three times in a row that is God saying hello” and I was like what! that is crazy because I keep seeing 111.

Proceeding our conversation every time I would see 111 appear  I would  respond with “hey God and smile up at heaven.”

Since the first time I  saw 111 I can tell you my faith has undoubtably grown 3 fold. Mostly, because it is a very special time for me to acknowledge Gods presence in my life it leads into prayer and conversation and sometimes just a “Hey God, I see you, I feel you here thanks for remembering me, I love you.”

God, seeks us out and responds in amazing ways what has God been trying to tell you lately? Has he been talking to you through a friend, the book of love, or a number like 111? Ask and you shall find.

Shine ON

To view more information about 111  check out this link after I finished writing this post I typed into google what is the meaning of 111 and this link came up. The comments below are pretty neat.  http://sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.com/2011/07/angel-number-111.html


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