Remodeled Plan

What would Jesus look like in skinny jeans?

What if Jesus was a rock ‘n roll star, beat up shoes and a busted guitar?

A sellout on iTunes for a quick buck would his message be clear or does this all sound F’ed up?

Would he carry around an iPhone 5, if he knew he could reach you to keep his message alive?

Where would Jesus hang out today around the corner drinking soy lattes?

Would people walking on the streets know it was Jesus tweeting his daily inspiration from God to his followers?

Would Jesus live in an Airstream, Mansion, or Tumbleweed home?

What would he do? How would he feel?

Could living in the twenty first century make Jesus more Real?

A click of a button, a swipe on a pad would 200,000 more views make Jesus a fad?

What would he think about how far we have come?

Would he be proud, or shake his head and be done?

Technology stuck to our faces.

Heads buried in text.

Cant go anywhere without it, no I can’t put it down yet!

Browsing, checking, dinging, buzzing. What have we done?

Are we all self destructing?

Distract us from this, distract us from that.

Distracted from being discovered, from being found. Distracted from all this beauty all around.

TV’s,computers, iPhones galore. What’s it all worth, how did people possibly live before?

Back to my thought, what does this mean. How would we feel if Jesus wore skinny jeans?

Born into us, a time in the now. How would Jesus have done today, would his redemption have worked out?

Clearly the evil one still lurks around, the slimiest of presence no good their to be found.

Jesus would have done what he needed to do, followed the course to alleviate suffering and make people anew.

If he was here on earth today I can speculate that he would have gone about saving souls in a completely different way.

On my soapbox here I stand thinking about Jesus and a remodeled plan.

Next time you text, tweet,or post think about Jesus in skinny jeans and what he loved most.


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