Today I am sharing two personal photos. I wanted to share these with you to give you a glimpse into my life. You see, since the days when I was three years old a great deal in our beautiful world has happened. Wars have come, gone, and have started a new, flowers have bloomed, music has been written, new love has bloomed and grown old, billions of people have come into our world and have breathed trillions of breaths. Now, the little child in the blue coat has seen the world and looked into thousands of different faces
from Indiana to the Eternal City, to the coast of California, the pure water of Lake Michigan, coffee shops in New York, singing in fields, bathrooms, trains, and on beaches, looking up at the tall trees in Georgia, to the tumbleweeds from the plains. At this stage in my life you won’t find a insecure little girl like I once was. No, not here not now. Today I am conscious, breathing, living, feeling, evolving, fearing, challenged, expanding, and loving. I am becoming me. Taking control of life in ways I can here on earth and then letting go, and giving it up to God. This life I will make good choices, do good things, and seek to change to world. I will take challenges as they come and allow each season of life to change me for the better. I am Jillian, I am blessed.
Shine ON,


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