Artists Eyes: Inspiration was Touring Europe

Below you will find a poem I wrote about seeing the world as an artist and how our recent tour called the “Shine ON Tour”

through Europe inspired me to be a better person and artist all around. Enjoy.


To see the world though artists eyes

is something more than a surprise

doors shut and open just like that

to trains, cars, and houses to boot

these things we see are complex in

beauty and so fragil too,  I wish I

was standing back in Paris where the

Seine flows fast and the wine is this full in

my glass or the painters glide there brush

so smooth, to be in Rome again and feel

the pulse to sing to crowds so hip you

would have sworn they walked out of

Urban Outfitters, tasting tradition lingers

in my mouth, hands press the dough and

fires roar to make passion come to life

Smiles, waves, eyes, days there is a romantic

candle lit in that small room to shine and shine

for me and you. Songs float about and bring up

the mood comparable to the feeling you get when you

jump off the peer into a salty wave down and up

like fish dip until they reach the surface Scratching

on this idea so big and vast now I understand why

I need a compass. Yet to see the world through

artists eyes is something so wonderful. Humble

seeking, adventure, speaking, round and round

we float to find what is beyond the next tree or sign.

Beyond that bridge over, that hill, the flowers I see

red poppies, green grass, and buildings dripping with

beauty to fill you up and overflow upon the ground. To

be an artist is to spill out onto the ground like the beauty

around. We are to be light, beauty, bright, just like what

fills us up we are to spill over into the abyss and give and

give to offer something many people might miss.




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